Sunday, September 01, 2013

How to Unify Your Business with SharePoint Document Management

I will be presenting a webinar where I will explore the KnowledgeLake suit and specifically look at now to access and use business data from a line of business system to index documents into SharePoint. Please visit our web site if you are interested in joining.

Dynamyx can help you resolve these problems by connecting your business systems to content stored in your SharePoint portal. From within these applications, employees from across the organisation can gain immediate access to any SharePoint document the moment it is needed.
Join us for our live webinar and learn how Dynamyx empowers employees to search, reference and archive critical SharePoint documents from business systems - such as contracts, regulated documents, client correspondence, insurance forms, credit applications with line of business data from Broking, CRM, Policy Administration Finance systems - all without leaving their familiar Business System and Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel environments.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now also on Making Flow Work

A collaborative Dynamyx effort now features world class and experienced workflow bloggers at:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My next talk - ECM and Instance Management

16/09/2010 09h00 - Book at
Microsoft Cardinal Place, Victoria, London

Morning brief about SharePiont as an ECM and instance/case management platform where we will discuss the ability of using SharePoint for case management and document imaging. We explore our reliance on paper as a token for driving a business process and how that keeps us well away from moving toward a paperless office.

Live demonstrations will include an overview of the KnowledgeLake and K2 software platforms for SharePoint.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

BizTalk Messagebox Viewer

13th Oct 2009 8pm

Jean-Pierre Auconie, Technical Lead and Engineer from the EMEA BizTalk Team is going to join us for this session where he will talk us through the use of the Messagebox Viewer and Terminator tools which he has developed. Jean-Pierre will also discuss where this fits compared to some of the other community tools for BizTalk.

Jean-Pierre will also discuss some of the problems he has faced in the field where these tools have been useful and we will close with a Q&A session where people can draw from his experiences.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Professional K2 blackpearl

Our book is out! And an excelent overview of what BPM realy means all the way through to deep under the hood of K2 blackpearl.

Since this is the first book on K2 blackpearl, you will find a broad range of topics in this book, from the market in which K2 blackpearl is aimed to the architecture of the platform, from how to approach process design to developing your own custom user manager.